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When you look at famous leaders, who championed civil rights, freedom and justice, they all had one thing in common-COURAGE.  This is a very important attribute for leaders because one needs the gumption to stand of for his or her beliefs, face their fears and fight for a worthy cause. Being courageous makes leaders appear strong and invincible. It gives the followers of leaders hope and inspiration.  You will be able to make others dare to dream the impossible and reach for the stars. Being timid and fearful will not cut it!



MOTIVATIONAL leaders refuse to be complacent or accept the status quo. This means you are able to spark chain reactions and actions to any situation.   It requires you to have a self-desire to accomplish tasks without being compelled by others to do so.  Rather than sitting around waiting for change to happen, you have an innate ability to make it happen, while motivating others to do the same. You do not waste time thinking about what you want to do or become, you just do it!


Leaders are in the business of serving people.  Whether you are a CEO, activist or community leader, it is not just about bottom line or obtaining results.  Being COMPASSIONATE, is the one attribute that distinguishes BAD leaders from GOOD leaders. Having compassion means you have a great sense of care for humanity, make decision based the greater good of others and you are genuinely concerned with the well-being of the less fortunate. You are quick to help or give back to positive causes and are concerned with how your actions impact the feelings of others.  You score high on the empathy scale!


Imagine if a leader was unreliable how would that make you feel? Being RELIABLE is a key attribute of leadership.  It requires you to be there when others need you.   You show up when you are expected to and have a reputation of being dependable.  You understand that you should be honest enough to let others what you can and cannot do. You do not over commit just to please others but value the importance of keeping your word.  You deliver in spite of obstacles and challenges.  You refuse be a quitter!


Having a strong sense of vision will impact your ability to lead tremendously.  When leading others they expect you to have a plan or end goal.  You are clear on the steps you must take to reach your goal. Being a VISIONARY will drive you to push forward against all odds! If you envision it, you can believe it! 
By Stacey Berry, July 30, 2015

Founder of Resources for Youth

Consultant and Public Speaker, Bstellar Consulting Group



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