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Our Story

People spent countless of hours online trying to find reliable information but often end up all over the net and find nothing useful or resourceful. Resources For Youth was founded by Stacey Berry in 2011 to make it easier for youth to navigate through the vast amounts of information on the World Wide Web.  This is a online hub for youth and young professionals under 35 to share educational and professional resources.  Our blog site will have articles by published and unpublished writers on a wide range of topics designed to inspire youth to think positive, be leaders, change makers,  trend setters and exceptional role models to help guide them in their career path.

Goal and Mission

Our goal is to inspire youth by helping them expand their knowledge, and make wise choices in life. We hope that youth will use the info on this site to find their purpose and encourage them to make their dreams a reality!

Our mission is to keep you intellectually engaged, encourage you to think positively, improve your study habits and inspire you to get involved in your community.  Our blog will cover topics on professional development,  networking , sports, eating healthy, tips to keep you organized, help you manage your money, build your career and market your talents.

 Connect youth to resources for:

  •  Career building networks
  • Volunteer and community networks
  • Professional development
  • Managing money
  • Expanding their knowledge and education
  • Keeping organized
  • Keeping safe online
  • Resourceful job search sites
  • Various authors and motivational speakers

Tell us what you need and we will connect you to the absolutely best resource.  Send us an email at: info@resourcesforyouth.ca