Model behaviours of those who you believe are HEROS and SHEROS…Even if you do not think you have the strength or courage to: LIBERATE people like Fredrick Douglass, speak WORDS OF WISDOM like Mya Angelo, LEAD an oppressed people like Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr., COMMIT to the civil rights like Correta Scott-King, SERVE the poor like Mother Teresa or REVOLUTIONIZE the minds of millions of people like Malcom X; you can aspire to live by the ideals of justice, respect, integrity and freedom

Some of us are role models by choice. Others are role models by circumstance. People are either born into Royalty or end up in a position to influence others.  Society monitors and emulates the actions of entertainers, athletes, actors, politicians, or business leaders like Oprah, Ursula Burns, 50 Cent, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg. What about your parents? mentors and teachers? They too are people of great influence.

Read books on strategies for success, motivation and positive thinking. Chose to bring out the best in people by being nice, caring, genuine and kind. Refuse to bring out the worst in people by being deceptive, cruel and cold hearted.  The benefits and blessings associated with being a positive role model are better than causing another human being pain, anguish and heartache through negative models of behaviour.  Set your own trends, be your best self, leave a legacy for future generations.

Make history doing something outstanding, marvelous and great! Identify your values and do your best to live up to them. Help someone reach their goals. Speak words of encouragement to anyone who seeks advice from you.

The cost of telling the truth is greater than lying.  The benefit of forgiveness is greater than keeping malice. It takes courage to love, yet it is much easier to hate. It is easy to do the wrong think and hard to do what is right. Standing up for someone being bullied can save a life. Only cowards watch on the sidelines and saying nothing! Even when you think no one cares about your negative actions or is harmed by words….they are.  Do good to others even when you think no one is watching you.

It does not take money or a lot of degrees to be an exceptional role model, it requires you to love and respect others with a pure heart. Lead with integrity and live in truth. Treat those older than you with appreciation…merely for their ability to survive the trials of this life.  Sow positive seeds each day so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.  What goes around comes right back to you

To be a good role model takes a little effort. To be a great role model takes lots of effort. To be an exceptional role model takes every ounce of your energy, requires sweat and unconditional love for humanity. It also means you can never give up HOPE!

Stacey Ann B


  1. Very true. Focusing on the positive and staying away from negativity and believing in your dreams can always set you on the right path.

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