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The REAL Reason for the Season

Christmas is deeply rooted in the story of JESUS Christ, which is the main reason for the season but it is overshadowed by other festivities, Santa and holiday shopping.  Do not get lost in the consumerism and unnecessary spending.  It is more valuable to spend time with family and friends rather than RECEIVING or GIVING gifts. The most […]

5 Attributes of a Leader-Part 1

  1. COURAGEOUS When you look at famous leaders, who championed civil rights, freedom and justice, they all had one thing in common-COURAGE.  This is a very important attribute for leaders because one needs the gumption to stand of for his or her beliefs, face their fears and fight for a worthy cause. Being courageous […]


1. Identify Your JOY Factor Your JOY factor is the things in life that bring you the most happiness.  People who are successful in business created something from what they enjoy doing.  Facebook’s CEO, Mark_Zuckerberg is a great example! Success is deeply rooted in your talents, skills and hobbies. It can also come from learning […]


It’s difficult to stay motivated especially when it seems like you aren’t achieving any of your goals. Here’s a list of tools you can use to stay motivated. What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while.-Gretchen Rubin. Perfection requires PRACTICE: A body builder does not go to the gym one […]


Let’s consider the list below: Someone who cares for humanity, Someone willing to sacrifice personal needs and desires for an important causes like child hunger, poverty,  bullying, police brutality, or domestic violence, Advocates against racism, oppression and sexism, People who give more than they take from others, Those who pursue social justice, freedom, peace, equal […]


Model behaviours of those who you believe are HEROS and SHEROS…Even if you do not think you have the strength or courage to: LIBERATE people like Fredrick Douglass, speak WORDS OF WISDOM like Mya Angelo, LEAD an oppressed people like Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr., COMMIT to the civil rights like Correta Scott-King, SERVE the […]

It is Cool to be a Role Model and Mentor

Character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. J.C.Watts. Historically, children were viewed as miniature adults: beings that were fed culture, history academics and sciences. They were born and bred to be mothers and fathers and expected to have families of their own.  Today, we live in a generation where society identifies children […]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Resources for youth has a new look, fresh ideas and is re-developing its site! Christmas should be more about giving than receiving. It should be more about forgiveness than dwelling on the pain or mistakes from the past Christmas is a great time to make a commitment to feed the homeless, help the less fortunate, […]

Welcome to Resources For Youth!

“If You Believe You Will Achieve Your Goals and Dreams” Thank you for visiting Resources For Youth.  This is best place for young people of all ages to find reliable information. We will connect you to a wide range of job search sites, career building networks, money management, volunteer training, educational tools and professional associations.  Our […]