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Since the dawn of time, every student has asked the same question: how do I get good grades? Sadly, there isn’t an exact answer to this question and no quick fix but, there are a few strategies that I use that my fellow students will find helpful in getting good grades

Number 1: Buy a lamp

Yes, a lamp! When my room is bright, I find that I can concentrate better. It causes less strain on your eyes; this is especially useful if you have to read a text box for a number of hours. You’ll get a lot less headaches while you are doing work.

Number 2: Date night

This date night is a little unorthodox since you will have to invite your notebook and textbook. This is when, even if you don’t think you have any homework, you make homework for yourself. I find it very helpful to go through notes from class to refresh my memory and maybe go over things I didn’t understand in class. Also, this is an important time to review things that you’ve learned in previous years that you may have forgotten, but your teachers expect you to know. Now, I know that no one looks forward to this dreadful review session, so that’s why I’ve dubbed it date night to give it a more positive light!

Number 3: Sleep!

Sleep should be like date night with your bed and this should happen every night! It is so important to get a good night’s sleep; try to aim for 6 – 8 hours of sleep a night. You will feel refreshed and happier.

Additionally, refrain from doing any homework past 11:00 p.m., since that is the time when you have to give your brain a rest and begin preparing for sleep.

Every student should own a copy of the book, Study Smarter, Not Harder, by Kevin Paul.  It is filled great tips on developing effective study habits, techniques for improving your concentration, setting goals, managing your time and preparing for exams. It is a must have resource!

Happy studying!

By Savanah Wille

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