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Hello My Fellow Job Seekers!

I am pleased to let you know that you’re not alone in this jungle of joblessness and that your search is not in vain. For every resume you sent out and for every cover letter you painstakingly had to tailor for each and every single job; you are one step closer to getting that interview. I stand right now as an individual who has been searching for employment since August 2013. I graduated with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and I was hoping that once I graduated I would hit the jackpot. I can tell you that since then I’ve had 4 interviews: 2 in structural engineering, 1 in retail and 1 in education. Each of these interviews were acquired through a reference or word of mouth. Based on these results, I firmly believe that you need to know people in order to get a job.

That being said; it’s time for you to step up your game. You need to understand the science of getting an interview and the importance of networking.  Networking is the same principle that runs Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. It’s important to network during your job hunt because your potential employer is looking for a face not a name.  He/She wants to stalk your profile and hear about you from his friends and colleagues. He/She wants to be able to trust you.  Networking is the way to build great connections and form new relationships

Here is how it works:

  • You have about 15 friends and/or acquaintances
  • Your dad has 15 friends. Your mom has 15 friends
  • Each of your siblings has 15 friends
  • Your professors know people in the industry
  • Your TA’s and GA’s just landed a job in your dream company and they know you

By the time you know it; you have over 100 people that you can contact directly and indirectly for a job opening. These contacts will lead you to your future job.  Each of the interviews I had was because I knew someone who referred me or because someone called me to let me know that a business was hiring. That ladies and gentlemen is the secret to getting an interview. The rest is up to you. So get your notebook and pen out. It’s time to start grilling your parents, your sisters and brothers, your friends and family members. They know how to get you a job.

For more great tips to help you on your job search, check out the article by  Lisa Rangel, 47 Ways Intelligent Executives are Sabotaging Their Job Search

Don’t give up on your job hunt. Step your game up!

Sherry M.

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