global citizens

Let’s consider the list below:

  • Someone who cares for humanity,
  • Someone willing to sacrifice personal needs and desires for an important causes like child hunger, poverty,  bullying, police brutality, or domestic violence,
  • Advocates against racism, oppression and sexism,
  • People who give more than they take from others,
  • Those who pursue social justice, freedom, peace, equal rights and justice,
  • Perhaps it is those of us who care about preserving the environment, creating safe communities, and maintaining a high standards of living,

It reasonable to conclude a global citizen is a combination of all the above!

You’re a global citizen if you show compassion to those less fortunate, the marginalized and those excluded from the power structure.  You believe that no one should be left out of the decision making table. You are concerned about people suffering from famine or infectious diseases in disproportionate numbers, such as Ebola, Malaria or HIV.

You do not get caught up in the blame game for the ills or problems of the world, but you to take the initiative and time to find solutions or create positive change.  Your stomach turns for those who are wrongfully convicted, abused, violated and criminalized for being poor.

You are appalled at reckless oil spills from a Gas company’s pipeline explosion. The high cost of food on Native reserves or the high cost of living in general.  You recognized the flaws in capitalism, socialism and communism but are able to understand the historical events and ideologies that established these socioeconomic systems.  If you care about any of these things, you are a global citizen!

To demonstrate you are a global citizen, stand up for something you believe in, as long as your actions does not cause harm to another person, directly or indirectly. Live like you believe what affects one person directly, affects us all indirectly.

To demonstrate that you are a global citizen, ask yourself, is “an injustice anywhere an injustice everywhere?” as Martin Luther King taught the world before his life was taken.

Are you motivated by making lots of money or leaving a positive legacy for future generations, perhaps you are motivated by both.

We all have the power to decide how to exercise our global citizenship.  Let’s do all we can to  ensure it does not cost us our moral values and freedom.  

Stacey Ann B


  1. These factors mentioned above should be taken as a prerequisite to making informed decisions about how we contribute in our communities before taking action. Just to add onto the previous statements, being a global citizen involves preserving the natural environment and giving back as much as we take, planting a tree for every tree harvested, ensure air and water quality, demand fair economic trade for agricultural imports, and overall maintaining a liveable space for all that resides in it.

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